What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in Orange County

Real estate in Orange County, CA, is the most expensive in Southern California. Although the housing boom of 2020-2021 has cooled off a bit, there is still robust demand for homes in Orange County.

With a shift toward a more balanced market, sellers must be prepared to utilize sound marketing strategies to get the best price for their homes. One often overlooked part of the selling strategy is listing the house at the right time of the year.

Selling in fall and winter

Fall and winter are typically not the best seasons for listing your Laguna Beach real estate for sale. Historic real estate data show that demand and sales prices are at their lowest during these seasons, and the average time on the market is at its highest. As a result, if you can hold off until the warmer months, it’s best to do so. Many sellers, however, do not have the flexibility to wait and must sell during these months. The good news is that homes in Orange County will still sell for very high prices, and although it may take a little longer, they will still sell quickly. On average, homes sold during the slowest months (December and January) sell approximately two weeks more slowly than average. For comparison, homes sold during peak months (April through June) sell about one week faster than the average of 55 days.

While it's true that fall and winter are not the busiest times of year for the housing market, there are still some potential benefits to listing your home for sale during these seasons. For one thing, there is typically less competition from other sellers during this time of year, so making your home stand out to potential buyers can be easier. Additionally, buyers who are looking for a home during the fall and winter months are usually serious about making a purchase and less likely to be just browsing. Fall and winter are also good times of the year for selling vacation properties, as buyers often look for a deal on a summer home for the following spring and summer. So, if you're considering listing your home for sale, don't let the cooler weather deter you. There are still many interested buyers out there who are looking for their perfect home - no matter what season it is.

Selling in spring and summer

Second to using an experienced agent and setting the right price, timing the sale of your home is an important decision. As with most housing markets across the nation, the best time to sell a house quickly and for the highest sales price is during the spring and summer. Specifically, the best months are April, May, and June. If you can list your home for sale during this peak period, you can expect to sell it quickly and for the best sales price.

Southern California's real estate market is busiest during the spring and summer months. The nicer weather brings out more buyers, and the longer days allow for more showings. In addition, many families prefer to move during the summer so that their children can start the new school year at their new school. As a result, sellers who list their Dana Point real estate during the spring and summer months often receive more offers and end up with a higher sales price. However, it's important to be cognizant of increased competition during these months. If you're considering selling your home in Southern California, listing it during the spring or summer may give you the best chance of success.

Selling tips

Anyone who has tried to sell a house knows that it can be complex, regardless of the time of year. Several factors must be considered, including the condition of the property and the asking price. In Southern California, there are a few key strategies that can help to sell a house quickly.

It is important to ensure that the property is in tip-top condition. This means taking care of necessary repairs, giving the property a fresh coat of paint, and decluttering to help create a sense of space. It’s also advisable to depersonalize the home by removing family photos and personal items. In addition, it is also wise to professionally stage the property in a way that will appeal to buyers. This involves attractively arranging furniture and adding decorative touches.

In today's competitive real estate market, making your listing stand out from the rest is more important than ever. Professional real estate photography can help show off your home in its best light and give potential buyers a more accurate sense of what it offers. A robust digital marketing strategy that includes MLS, social media, and websites can also help to reach a wider pool of potential buyers. By taking advantage of all available channels, you can ensure that your home gets the maximum exposure and stands out against the competition.

When selling Newport Beach real estate, pricing is everything. If a home's asking price is too high, it will sit on the market unsold. On the other hand, if the asking price is too low, the seller will miss out on potential profit. An experienced real estate professional will ensure that a home is priced correctly by conducting a comparative market analysis. This involves reviewing recent sales of similar homes in the same area. With this information, the agent can give the seller an accurate estimate of what their home is worth. Pricing a house correctly from day one is essential for a successful sale, and using an experienced real estate agent can help to ensure that this happens.

Selling your Orange County home

If you can be flexible with the timing of selling your Orange County home, it’s best to target May or June, as those two months have historically been the best for getting the highest price and selling quickly. Regardless of when you need to list your home, it’s always advantageous to use the services of an experienced realtor. The expert team at Mike Johnson Group can help with all of your Orange County real estate needs all year round.

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