Thinking About Relocating to Laguna Beach? Here are 7 Things You Need to Know

No shortage of luxury 

Laguna beach is known for its extraordinary beaches and coastline. Moving to Laguna Beach is the embodiment of the California dream. Laguna Beach has some of the most desirable homes in Southern California. Whether you are looking for a mansion with ocean views or a coastal cottage, your new luxury home is waiting for you here.
Because of its boho history and picturesque location, Laguna beach homes are an eclectic mix of architectural styles. You can find the Mediterranean style in many houses or the California coastal features. With some of the most stunning beaches and parks, Laguna Beach will leave new residents in awe daily. 

Locals take art seriously

Laguna Beach is known for its art galleries and festivals that portray the local scenery. It is no wonder that the beautiful beachy area attracts creatives who want to showcase their daily view. If you move to Laguna Beach, you will surely become addicted to the vibrant and joyful community. 
Every first Thursday of the month, over forty art galleries are open from 6-9 pm for live music and artists' receptions. The event is so inclusive that it allows for complimentary entry into the Laguna Art Museum and provides access to a free shuttle service. For an even bigger art event during the summer, locals and tourists alike can buy tickets to the Festival of Arts. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience some of the most unique art from around the Orange County area. The art festival is inclusive to all ages, with workshops, art talks, and live music. No better way to assimilate into your new community than to join these incredible events! 

Well-kept parks and beaches 

The city did a great job of maintaining the natural architecture and beaches that come with Laguna Beach. Back in the 1960s, when the city was still being developed, famous Indian Guru Osho developed a meditation center and commune. The artistic and cultural roots remain as the city grew to what it is today. 
With so many beaches and parks that access the 8-mile-long coastline, basking in the sun will fill you with gratitude. Depending on the beach, the coastal terrain can be rocky or all sandy and flat. Some of the best beaches include Thousand Steps Beach, Victoria Beach, and Treasure Island Beach. Thousand Steps Beach is hands down one of the most stunning in the neighborhood, with a stairway covered in vines that leads you to a wide-open beach. For parks, Heisler Park is an all-around favorite. For something more unique, Crescent Bay is a stunning cove with rocky tide pools and areas designated for scuba diving. Regardless of what you want to plan for the day, there is always a way to enjoy the outdoors in Laguna Beach. 

Delicious local restaurants

 Deciding to live where other people vacation is nothing short of glamorous. This includes the amazing cuisine and restaurants with waterfront views. Seafood is a specialty here, with restaurants offering everything from calamari appetizers to Lobster plates. Take your taste buds on a journey by visiting world-class restaurants all over Laguna Beach. For dining that is mere feet away from the crashing waves, you can check out Splashes Restaurant in the Surf and Sand resort. They serve coastal cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. There are so many other dining options to choose from, whether you are craving Mexican, Italian, or Seafood– Laguna Beach has you covered. 

Strong sense of community 

Laguna Beach has a strong suburban vibe to it. Another great reason to move to Laguna Beach is the fantastic community you will become a part of. No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone. Whether you are passionate about marine life, art, or just a foodie– there is an organization or event that will happily welcome you. If you are someone who enjoys volunteering, you can dedicate your time to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center or Meals on Wheels. If you are more interested in history, there is an active historical society in Laguna Beach. With such a wide variety of organizations and activities, families and neighbors alike can bond with a shared interest. 
The sense of community is reflected in other ways, too, with the Laguna Beach neighborhood hosting amazing schools. If you are a family or interested in raising children in the future, this can be an important decision-making aspect when buying a home. Both public and private schools have high ratings. Most importantly, parents will feel confident sending their kids to one of the Laguna Beach schools with peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

The epicenter of self-care

Dotted with yoga studios, spas, and matcha bars, Laguna Beach may as well be the epicenter of self-care. With so many people in a bathing suit year round, they want to feel good and look good! Located all around Laguna Beach are holistic small businesses and wellness options. If you relocate to Laguna Beach, you will be joining the active community committed to their health. 
You can find locals walking their dogs, playing golf, or enjoying a pilates class. No matter what your hobbies are, you will feel inspired and invigorated by the SoCal energy the moment you step foot in Laguna Beach. 

Stunning coastal real estate

Some of the most beautiful estates in the world are located in along the Orange County coast. Laguna Beach houses are dramatic and stunning-often facing the water or atop the hills with an ocean breeze.
Between the weather and the enriching community, what is not to love about Laguna Beach? Living where other people vacation is just one of the many selling points in the area. If you are looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate agent to help you make a move, Contact Mike Johnson Group.

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